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Welcome to the creative work of Alan White, head writer and producer of "FEEDBACK; A HERO'S CALLING," now at Broken Sea. The "Feedback" in question is Matthew Atherton, My Hero. He and other heroes of mine have links found down the left side of these pages. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Archive, This One's For You

If you have to turn in your membership, then my badge goes right on top of yours. I too entered the Yahoo board because I was sick with disappointment when I discovered that he had an IdmB (or whatever) page with acting credits.

Only I went and sprayed my disappointement all over the FanBoy Radio Boards, of which I was already as solid a member as I am at Yahoo with Tech Support.

Then, Matt started to win me over too. He answered directly to me, sparked me onto new internet search & rescue of his hero rep, and became redeemed in my eyes. Then I went back to the FanBoard and became his greatest defender which led up to the radio interview. The rest is history.

Now tonight, I detailed a bit over at Tech Support, and you are absolutely right. There's a new Fantastic Four. You should have seen Nitro when he saw Feedback again after so long. Right up into his arms he leapt. Unabashed joy. Serious buddy love!

And I'm learning more and more every minute about how to open your heart and accept people. Feedback's smiles should be bottled and sold in Iraq. Matthew Atherton really WAS born to be a superhero. There's a scene in the upcoming episode where he answers Blackthorn's concerns about whether or not he wants to be Feedback. You will hear Matt's actual soul coming through those lines.

And do you know, when I left the Javits Center and headed back to my car, I offered a woman help with her luggage at a distant subway stop?

I have to get to sleep. Early day tomorrow at the booth. I've got so much more to say, but there's just too much going on to say it all.


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