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Friday, February 23, 2007

Operation Feedback: A Success

I hate my brain. Okay, not my brain, but my mind. Why did it torture me like that? How much of all that fear was utter rubbish? Was ANY of it a legitimate concern?

Readers, tell me! Go to the comments and tell me, please! Say you had the chance to drive Meryl Streep to a luncheon in a distant town, so you knew you'd be spending time with her. Or insert your Most Admired Somebody. What would be running through your minds? I want to know!!

Because now I feel like a nutter. Was I just freaking myself out for nothing? Do you all just meet cool people everywhere and make friends casually? Is life really that uncomplicated?! Because if it is, I WANT SOME!!!

Well. I mean I want some MORE.


And there will be more tomorrow, as I hoped. And then things will become normal. Normally friends. Like it's just no big thang. The man and his wife are just effortlessly nice people.

I'll tell you more tomorrow, when there's more to tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was it a legitimate concern? If it was anyone else in show business I'd say yes. But you're talking about our hero here - so yes, you we're going a bit off the "worst case scenario" deep-end.

What I wrote concerning Mid-Ohio Con going through my mind before meeting him was correct - and I know you've read that before. But what I didn't write shows a bit more to the story.

Remember, at first I was one of the internet "It was fixed from the start and it's all staged with actors" crowd. I only joined the Yahoo group to get ONE question answered for my one friend [Who is still as big a Monkey Woman fan as I am a Feedback fan].

Then I saw just how much of a REAL person he really is. And then how Tech Support grew and we formed friendships and support for each other as time went on. You all won me over on "He's just an actor" by the time the finale aired.

Then Mid-Ohio Con was announced. And I wanted to see up front and in person if he really is the same guy we've talked to over the boards. When, without any prompting from Mainframe or anyone else, knew who I was by my TS alias. That was exact moment I had to give up any thoughts that there was anything beyond 'Tricky Video Editing' at work in the show.

Not only was he genuinely pleased to meet us in person, but he was willing to take time out of his schedule for Arc's E2 pics. That is why I think we both have allowed him to inspire us over the past months.

[And if the above means I need to resign from TS, I'll have the memo typed and on CPU's desk by Monday]

But I digress. I am glad to hear you had a blast meeting him in person finally. And I think you'll be having fun dealing with not one, but FOUR heroes this weekend.

Just keep us in the loop on what happens - allright?


6:13 PM  

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