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Monday, March 12, 2007

The World Needs A Hero ...

... and I've got him for you!

The latest installment of our audio drama is finally live on the air. Go here.

All the previous posts about the audio drama drama led up to this move to Broken Sea, and everything is going to be just fine. Here is the politically correct published statement, which I wrote when I was bleary-eyed, too excited, and my inner editor was asleep.

This is an episode that I mixed together myself and having done so once, I find I



Consult the links I have To The Left ("everything you own in a box...") and you will see that radio drama has been my passion for quite a while. I remember listening to "Voyage of the Scarlet Queen" on WBAI, way back when Max Schmid's Golden Age of Radio was on Saturday afternoons. I never threw my lot in with Max and the fans of old time radio, but I did volunteer once at the station fund drive, and contributed for a premium of, like, HOURS of programs. I had Arch Obler's "Lights Out," (where in an episode you hear people turned inside-out by a mysterious black shadow) "X Minus One", and once purchased a series of "I Love A Mystery".

I guess creating an audio drama was something I always thought I could do in the back of my mind, but never dared to think I would or should. But now I did.

This is all because of a dude named Matt. How cool is that? I remember when I laughed to see a preview pic of them. Now look at what's happened.

It's still hard to believe that this is me, after having been that other guy in that post.
And as for my auditoning next week in Philadelphia? I don't need to try out for "Who Wants...?" I'm already in The Lair. And that?

That's all right then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I will admit I have yet to listen to the final version of the second audio drama, but I did want to personally congratulate you on your success and I will look forward to its continuation - bumps in the road and all.

And your statement about the tryouts... I am of the same mind. I will keep my super-powered alter-ego strictly on the pages of a Mutants and Masterminds charater sheet. After all, we've got one better than being in the lair. We've got friendships and new found creativity that is still growing strong.

But I will still be glued to the television come July to see if Adam or Rich will step out of that limo and compete. So that's all right then.


3:06 PM  

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