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Monday, July 03, 2006

But What Can They DO?!

This is going to be on the Sci Fi Channel, called "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"

I want to laugh--but at the same time, I totally want in. (See; Alter Ego, CoH). Only problem is, I don't want to be ME. I want to be someone else who is a hero.

Coincidentally, I just came back from seeing "Superman Returns", in which our titular hero in fact does return. It was lush, but had physics problems. Two major ones. If Superman is stopping a plane that is basically a missile heading nose down into the ground, he'd do more than dent the nosecone. He'd tear up through the metal like a seed up a straw. That is, if the plane doesn't just shred around him. Secondly, underwater fissures don't travel underwater without disturbing the water above. Islands don't rise offshore of continental seaboards without tidalwaves.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because Bryan Singer left the X-Men to do it. Meh.

Today I had;
BREAKFAST (At 12:00pm)--Pineapple Coconut Protein Shake @ The Gym. 16 oz. of water. I didn't weigh myself though, because I didn't think I'd see any change from yesterday, and the next time I step on that scale, I'm not trying to hear "No Progress".
LUNCH (At 1:15pm)--Half a Steak (cooked myself) w/ Salsa, Tostitos, Whole Wheat Spiral Noodles, 16 oz. water. (The noodles are brown, so I figured that they were healthy somehow). The portions were not bigger than my hand.
SNACK (At 4:30ish)--A Banana
DINNER (At 6:00pm)--Six Chinese Take-Out Spareribs, 16 oz. water. They weren't as saucy and sugary as I'd feared/hoped, but I ate these instead of the DQ Blizzard (with Oreo Cookies) that I was craving. In my mind I thought "Eat something with useful calories if you're craving. There's a REASON why candy and ice cream is called JUNK food."
BEDTIME SNACK (At 10:25)--A cup of Ginger Green Tea sweetened with Equal. I also have some raspberries that I bought yesterday which I might nibble if the craving won't leave me alone.

On another note, I realized that although it's July, I still have only three months to go until I turn 42. That's less time than I figured. (When will I admit to myself that I SUCK at math?) So the additional poundage that I aim to drop--ain't no half-steppin' now.

I'd like me to be at 175 pounds by my 42nd birthday. That's only 27 pounds to lose. Who couldn't do that?

We'll see....


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