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Monday, March 05, 2007

Work, Work, Fun, And More Work

So here I am at work, and I have a bunch of reports to write. I have to start my day off by checking to see if I have any interoffice e-mail, and that's when the guilt and my internet surfing begins. Because I should be working, yet with just a double-tap on the cursor pad, I can check my email, see what's new at Tech Support, and find out if Darker Projects wants to respond to my many e-mails about my new production of Episode #2.

So, putting aside the guilt for now, between writing my reports I've been monitoring and conversating over at the Darker Projects Yahoo group. Well, I know they can see my posts because I can see them, and I received a response (we all seem to be monitoring the posts and responding--sort of like an instant messenger system except it's not that instant). And yet, the Producer is not responding to me. Neither is the Senior Producer. They just keep responding to other topics, byt gives me no answer at all, or even friendly banter, on my topics.

Dun-duh-DUNNN! Worst-Case Scenario Man to the "rescue"!

Are they just ignoring me? And if so, why? I know my production job was not perfect--and how do I know? Because I let Tech Support get an advanced listen to what I had, and received many good critiques on what to fix, which I've begun doing. Including re-doing all the scenes with a voice part that was problematic.

But Darker Projects don't know this because they aren't asking. I've submitted the work I did and got no response. No, "This was good, but you need to fix A, B, and C." No, "This was horrible. Please do not contact us again." No, "This was perfect! Beautiful! Don't change a thing!! It'll be live later today!!"

Just nothing.

Why would they just tell me nothing?

If they are passing on the series and don't want to put it on their site, they need to let me know. It's annoying to be ignored. And I can't think of a nice way to tell them this. My impulses want to just blast them for making me wait. I mean, give me an update, an excuse ... something. It just seems rude to do anything otherwise than an answer. It's almost as if everyone there has decided not to acknowledge the series anymore, yet the first episode is still available.

I don't know. The waiting is the hardest part.

Just tell me SOMETHING.

Or maybe I should switch to decaffeinated?


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