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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

As Long As There Are People ...

... there will be drama.


Anyway, I got the audio drama biz sorted out. I got my feelings hurt just a very little bit, but so far all involved parties are licking wounds and handling it, self included.

We've all got fragile egos to protect, especially we males of the species. Boo on society which sets us up to be so tough when we're only made of the same stuff as the ladies. The question isn't "Should a woman be the President of the United States?", the question is "Should a human?"

So I have another training class today--in an hour, in fact. I did well up until this morning. All week, I've had appetite and I slept, but this morning Ol' Watery Guts came back. Put the audio drama on top of it and I feel like I won't be eating for the next few months.

Ah well.

IAFAMA, so that's all right then.


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