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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Reason Why Site Meter Rocks!

While it's not the most secure system in the world, (I think you guys can click on the SM icon and see the same stuff I see--I did it from work yesterday and I hadn't signed in or anything), I love watching where you guys come from when you visit.

My last visitor came from a nearly-year-old series of posts I made over at Metroblogging. I got jumped on by a bunch of defensive New Yorkers and when I made my last point, no one else stepped up to the plate. I had either shut them down, or they never intended to come back after their snipes. But when I re-read it just now, I found someone had posted later, and defended me! Nice!

You can tell me what you think now. Was I callous? Were they justified? Did I defend myself well? Did my defender do the same?


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