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Monday, September 18, 2006

'Heroes' Not Part II

But these Heroes.

Well, oddly, the first episode is available to watch here, and I just watched it.

It had several storylines that merged (some didn't, but surely they will), and one underlying theme ... the destiny of those who will one day become a hero. I enjoyed the show, and then you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to call Matt up and share with him one of the coolest fanboy moments of the show, something he would get right away because he gets me, and ... I found that I couldn't.

Because I don't have his telephone number, of course. Because he's a figure across the world who I've seen on the web, and we've spoken on the web and by phone, remotely, and ... and that's kind of it.

And out of all the people in my life that I know, Matt is the only one I could cackle about with this--and I didn't realize that until just now. I could call up the Grim Jester and see if he'd meet me halfway, but Matt's the one who read my post about "New Mutant" and ... and got me. "We go way back."

So now I feel lonely that Matt isn't here, or accessible right now. Like he's off fighting crime, doing what he must, and I have to let him go do it because even though this would be nice to share with him, he has obligations elsewhere.

Ah well. Such is the life of the Superhero's Pal.

Update! Gee that didn't take too long. He's done it. He's got me. I'm his buddy forever. Whatever he wants, whatever he asks, I will be doing my best to get it done.

Meanwhile, you can hear Feedback and Me on FanBoy Radio here.


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