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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Master Cleanse Diet

This morning I had a scoop of protein before I went to the gym, then bought the ingredients for The Master Cleanser afterwards and started the diet. I stayed home for many hours waiting for some kind of scary side-effects, but nothing has happened except lots of passing water the good ol' Guy way.

And I am now about to go get me some Boston Market Meat Loaf for real.

I've had about six of these lemonades and it is taking care of the hungry, and yes, I have normal energy. I can do this, I suppose. But I want food. As usual. I want to chew. I want to taste.

So here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to finish all these lemons I bought, and this Maple Syrup, and drink these lemonades for breakfast and lunch. Nothing else throughout the day. Well, prolly a scoop of protein in the AM if I go to the gym.

But at nighttime--Katie-bar-the-door. Because I think like this; a lemonade diet reduces calories and keeps the metabolism going (as evidenced by my level of energy). That's all I need. When I WAS eating all day, I still lost weight so if I do it 24/7-10, then I'd only be doing so for Masterly Cleansing. And to their credit, they said it wasn't a diet for weight loss anyway.

So meh on Cleansing. I'll save money all day, have less calories, keep my metabolism burning, and eat at night.

Works for me!

Bye now--


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