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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finances--GOOD. FINALLY.

Next Friday, I will have, in fact, paid off another creditor. It was the one who I had gotten down to just above 1K and then I called them and they settled with me for about $750. Not only that, but I have savings in my Bank of America account.

No I didn't close BoA out because the creditor who messed up and got me charged two overdrafts said they'd send me a check to make up for it--which I have not seen yet. But I find I can still use an account that I can partially ignore for savings. Out of that account I will be drafting checks to repay personal loans from amazing people who told me to pay off the creditors first. If I get used to "ignoring" the Bank of America account as it grows, writing them payback checks will be all that much easier. After that, that account will become the "Full Year's Rent" Account for my return to independence too. Wooooo!

AND I have savings in my main branch (from where issueth the creditors and utilities payments). Mind you, what I call savings and what you call savings are probably worlds apart, but I'm getting there. On a slow spaceship.

So. THIS is how responsible adults act? Hmmm ... worth it.


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