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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Feedback Is, In Fact, Not A Lunatic

The show went well. My spirits started picking up just by clicking the link to the station. It was a very good time to listen to Matt represent himself intelligently, with a good sense of humor, and in context. He was not a lunatic. He was a nice guy, and as I've said before, one of us.

Scott and Oliver of FanBoy Radio did very, very well. They brought the funny and the right amount of challenge. Callers also did the same. Everyone was respectful.

I got on and had to make my statement about role models and heroes. Matt responded. Genunity ensued (is that a word?).

And there's this; when one of the Other Us called in, Matt was excited to hear from us. And he went on, before we'd speak, to give us props and appreciation. He knew it would be important for us, and he did it for us. For me he said, "We go way back". Of course my first post about him and the show only happened in July, and it was a smart-alecky one at that. But when he said we go way back, he meant that his history with comicbook heroes and my history with comicbook heroes go way back, and we know that about each other, and we meet there. (See; "New Mutant", Comments section) He even had the impression that we had spoken in the past, but we haven't. We traded Comments on this blog is all. But he read my blog and he took the information in. It mattered to him. It left an impression.

Dag. The guy gets me.

So maybe now, we will speak. Maybe he's a keeper. One of those people in the world that I can call a 'friend' as well as a hero. Maybe I'm not so scared of humanizing him now, and taking him for who he is before and after Feedback. Maybe I didn't even know that was something linguering there under the surface. Maybe that's why I was feeling so funky today about the show.

Okay, so I'm alright now. I'm ready to face my week, my birthday, my ... well we'll see.


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