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Monday, April 09, 2007

Two More Non-Sequitirs

This weekend I saw "300" with My Friend The Doctor. I had heard it was a movie loaded with testosterone and was just non-stop battles. 15 minutes into the movie I was like, "Shut up, people, and start the fighting!"

I was also more than a little fascinated with seeing how many ripped dudes they were going to cram into the movie. I'm now convinced that what I saw were CGI abs. No big deal. Gerard Butler has not replaced Hugh Jackman as my all-time favorite cinematic action-hero mancrush. Probably because of all that ridiculous posturing and chest-beating King Leonides did. Wore me out. I wanted to run him through with a spear after a while. It was fun, however, listening to ol' Gerard fight his Scottish accent. (Scottish is my #1 fave. Irish is #2, Australian #3, English (mid-isle, Dame Judi Dench-style) #4.)

I suppose from all the polarization which took place on political filters, I came away on the side of seeing the "Bush's America" parallel. Except Bush would never take an actual weapon up in his hands and actually stand with the troops in battle. Well, the government isn't structured to let the President do that, but somehow I don't see Dubya as being the kind of guy who would even be willing. He's welcome to refute that for me though, if he so chose. Be my guest. And put some guns in your daughters hands too, and send them out there as happily as you did My Friend The Doctor's brother. So I got tired of the Spartans' principles bellowed at me. I understood the necessity to do the actual fighting but after too long I was like, "Just shut up and fight already".

And when I came out of the movie, I was indeed ready to punch someone in the head. Just anyone. The waitress at Friday's was fair game after seeing that thing.

rrRRRAAAGGGGHHH--! I have testosterone, hear me roar!!

Also in the cast was David Wenham. Forget not that I crush on Hugh, so I've seen "Van Helsing". I couldn't get David's role in "Van Helsing" out of my mind, so seeing him in "300" only made me think of him as a goofy monk with no clothes and CGI abs. Sorry Dave. Cash that check, buddy, and don't worry about my opinion...

As for the second non-seq ... I forgot it ...


Blogger Eliel Mamousette said...

Dude, those were the abs of trained professionals. People paid some fat ducats to work out.

CGI Abs would have cost too much..

There weren't 300 actors, by the way...

There's a good article on Wired about the making of the film. I shan't look it up fer you now because I am feeling lazy...

Anyway, I aslo disagree with your political reading of the film, but I will put fingers to keyboard when I get home and write that story up on my own blog...

2:26 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Eliel, the entirety of the film was CGI. The only thing real about the movie were the actors. It wouldn't have been much more to add abs to them. I'm not suggesting that they obliterated 300-lb. guts, but they did carve up some skin into six-segmented sections.

4:40 PM  

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