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Monday, March 26, 2007

Back To Kansas

I just spent the weekend in Oz. My black and white world went to color for a few days. There was adventure and lessons learned and wonderful new people to meet and travel yellow-bricked roads with. And there was even a little four-footed companion on the journey with us.

But unlike Dorothy, I didn't "wish I were home". I'm back at work and it's been an hour and fifteen minutes and all I've done is one work-related phone call.

How does one focus back to black and white when you've been exposed to technicolor?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and me both. I love conventions, and this one was simply spectacular because we made it that way. I tried to summarize it, but several others have already done a great job of doing so.

It was an honor to meet you in person, and having to say goodbye to everyone on Sunday felt bittersweet. Monday’s work was like a splash of cold water, but I kept smiling.

Because we’re friends of Matthew Atherton, so that’s all right then.


10:26 PM  
Anonymous Brenticus said...

So much for being "normal"! MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA! :)

10:34 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

That looks like a great place to go and hang out for a weekend. I would have loved to have taken my kids. My wife would have sulked of course, but maybe there was a flea market near by.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Alan said...

Scott, the highlight was that Feedback was one of the autographing celebrities and a bunch of us in Tech Support went to meet each other and him.
Here's an account of it from a fellow Supporter;

And yes, they had a big craft show between the hotel and the Expo. Your wife would've been happy as a midwesterner.

I didn't even go for the convention--I went for Tech Support and Matt. Now I have to wean myself off him again.

It's all about striving for higher ideals that makes him so attractive to me--as is the draw that I feel towards all my heroes.
Plus, the big masculine package they come wrapped up in. Broad-shouldered, square-jawed, noble men of honor and integrity. The kind of men that forge nations and shape ideals. Lead into battle and emerge through to the other side victorious. The kind of men who might be bowed by advesity, but do not break.

To be that kind of man, or at least to be in orbit around them--not to much to ask for, right?

Brent, this Sunday, I'll make it! No car accidents or conventions in the way this time!

10:37 AM  

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