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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Enthusiasm

Here comes the next season of "Who Wants To Be A Superhero...?"

I think I've stated before, I wasn't as interested in the auditions and whatnot. I don't know why exactly. I knew that I wanted to sing more than I wanted to dress in spandex (again) or display my messed-up psyche for the world to see.

But then a visitor/Tech Supporter went to the tryouts in Texas and showed us pictures, and it resparked my interest! Just through the audition images I sensed the feelings that Feedback generated during his time on the show. Comrauderie, courage, openness, self-confidence, determination, heroism. In fact, because of inside information, I know that those auditioners got along so well, they call themselves the "Texas Titans" after meeting each other.

That is SO cool.

That's in fact what Feedback brought to the first season. The real feeling of a superheroic bond between heroes. It wasn't a competition--it was a family of superheroes losing their members.

So now, here goes the rollercoaster ride again. I barely survived watching Matt being brought to the brink of elimination. How am I going to survive going through it again? Especially now that its 22 supes and 10 weeks long? Well, I'm a friend of Matt's to start with, so that's alright then. And this time I have a supportive Tech Support to commiserate instead of alone, or just with my argumentative infuriating Feedback-hating hero-friend, The Grim Jester (who should totally audition for this show, by the way.)

Game ON!!!


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