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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Sorry I Tripped You Out

Try to remember though, I'm a therapist.

1) I understand how many different facets one person can have to their personality

2) I don't judge (a lesson I learned from being in a harsh, punishment-based religion and winding up imperfect no matter what I did. "Hello Mote, I'm Mr. Beam! Nice accomodations here in this eye!")

3) I know what confidentiality means. I practice it on the daily.

But I understand because I felt the same way when I deciphered my SiteMeter hits and discovered crossover some months back. (At the bottom of the page is the link. Anyone can use it and see where visitors are coming from. At times you guys come here from your own sites, and I can backtrack that. But I've only done it because I wanted to know the same that you do here ... what makes you tick. I've no intentions to abuse the information.)

So when I discovered crossover was happening, I thought "Hmm...they're going to discover that the cool mover and shaker of TS is actually a sad, lonely, neurotic failure living in someone's basement."

But then I thought, it's TS. Our hero went on television and opened himself to the ridicule of an entire nation. But instead of that happening, he single-handedly transformed the show from a joke to a newsworthy study in nobility, sacrifice, honor, and the hero ideal--just by being himself. Or more accurately, being TRUE to himself.

So it was Game On from then.

Letting go of my secrets and fears has become my new lifelong goal since the last month of my last blog. Shame had controlled me for more years than you've been alive, my friend, and there came a point where I had to believe that the only friends worth having are the ones who can handle ALL of me because living the way I had been was killing me. So I blog on and I let them read. And I'm glad to say I haven't driven any one of them away yet.

So that's all right then.


Blogger Shesawriter said...

Hey Alan,

Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog. :-) Hope to see you again.


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