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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Novel; Finished.

Essentially. I brought it to an end, but I know I left some things out and will have to go back and fill them in. What I left out was the lead-in for the next book. It stopped at a place that could conceivably keep it as a single volume, no trilogy necessary. But there's a bunch more to be told, so I have to play around with the content a little more.

What shocked me was the way the protagonist's struggle against the Big Bad was resolved. I was all ready for a big Luke-vs.-Darth showdown, but my protagonist wasn't having it. It seems that all on his own, he figured out a way to neutralize Big Bad's threat because he saw the conflict much differently than I did. (This sounds like lunacy, doesn't it? But I promise you it's true.) And so effective was the squash, the Big Bad doesn't even have reason anymore to cause the major warfare that I would be attempting to cover in Book Two. So I dunno what to do now. It's possible my protagonist's story might actually be over.

But for me, the world needs more tales told in it. Other facets of their lives need to be exposed and explored. And I have plenty other peripheral characters who can take the stage now. Wow. I think that just convinced me. I'm actually finished. It's time for the next tale.

And here's some point of interest that I discovered at My Other Hero's wikipedia (yes he made one himself. Because he's THAT cool). The SFWA considers a Novella as being "at least 17,500 words but less than 40,000 words". Then they say a novel is "40,000 words or more". Well, I should've known better and trusted NaNoWriMo when they said "Write a 50K-word novel. So I was wrong before. I really wrote a(nother) novel!!

Yay me!!

So, let me go tidy it up (which prolly means rewrite the last chapter eight-google times) and go look for that market. Oh, and pod it too. Because I realized I could probably do a fair reading if I were to read all the dialogue seperately, as though I were doing an audio play, since the non-dialogue is in first-person and I have trouble leaving his voice and going into quotes of another character. So I'll work that out.

And I'm a friend of Matt Atherton's. So that's all right then.


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