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Friday, December 08, 2006

Beta Blogger, Google, And Major Victory

Very strange. All three of the above items are intersecting my life.

I had to drag my friend, The Grim Jester, kicking and screaming into appreciation of Feedback's audio. I had to remind him that I wrote it and he's my friend and friendship means to support a person, as if I were some kind of friendship-expert, or had the art of friendship perfected or something. When ironically, he was the main contributor in my friendship education in the last few years. But eventually, he came around to listening and enjoying the audio, and he gave me some constructive criticism that I must, in all smugness, admit that I had already addressed in the second script.

Now recall, The Grim Jester was the one who went a little psycho on me when Feedback won the show, as opposed to Major Victory. So wait until he finds out that Chris Watters agreed to work with me on the next audio script, and voice Major Victory.

Wow. And wait until the listening audience finds out.

Oo, and then the rest of them out there.

Because many people were okay with Feedback winning the show and many people loved Major Victory.

I'm going to give those people BOTH.

Yay me!


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