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Friday, November 24, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 24

Well I got 2,367 words in today but I would not have minded another 6K because the rest of my weekend is taken up with D&D. Tomorrow I run my Campaign and Sunday I play in someone elses. Fantasy, fantasy, and more fantasy. Works for me!

Yesterday writings took me into adult territory and I loved it. I think it was tasteful and stimulating. I gladly avoided using the word "manhood" which is like a Schlock Red Flag to my eyes. Up until then, the novel was reading like a Young Adult piece because it had no curses in it, and I did that because in this fantasy world of mine, their words are not the same as 21st Century Earth. But I hadn't planned on being Young Adult--I had planned on some sex! I didn't know when I'd use it, and then was surprised (once again) when the occasion lent itself. So bang bang bang!

I might not even come home tomorrow night if The Grim Jester lets me stay the night after the game, so my next word count will probably be Sunday night, and it probabably won't be much. Then I'll have to scratch up 12K words by Thursday Midnight.

I definitely have the content, I'll just need to get the time!


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