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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 29

Twenty-four hours from this moment, my 50K words are due and I'm going to spend 8 of them asleep. And in the morning, I might go to the gym again. And then I might call out sick from work and sit home all day and hammer out the last 3K words for this year's NaNoWriMo! WooT!

Yesterday my tale said, "Remember what I made you do 25K words back and it bummed you out, and you wanted to fix it and I wouldn't let you, and I told you to trust me, and you did, and you loved what happened?" And I said yes. And it said "Okay, now you can do what you wanted to then." And said, are you sure? And the tale said, "You'll see."

Now today, my tale turned around to me and said, "Guess what? I'm finished." And I said, but--there's only 3,000 words to go!

And it said, "I don't mind that. But this arc of my tale is done." and I said, No no no! I promised everyone that I would have much more than 50K. See look, we haven't resolved Plot C, and no one knows what happened to Character E yet...this can't be over now! And the story said, "Of course it isn't over. But this particular journey is done. Your protagonist is changed. His world is different. He survived what you did to his heart, his mind, and his body. This particular story is finished." But, I said, it isn't even a novella yet! My story said, "That's no concern of mine."

And there you have it. But I will find 3K more words tomorrow from somewhere if it kills me, even if it has to look like one of those "Preview Of The Next Installment..." things that publishers put in the back of trilogies instead of the authors' thanks.


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