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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, Back To Work ....

I'm up and at 'em. I'm curious to find out what all's a-doin' since I've been gone. However, there are some things I'm not looking forward to. Remember the adventure I had with my car down near Philadelphia? The training I had to go to? Well, my job's cashing in that investment. I'll have to do 8-hour trainings on Crisis Management for new employees. I'll be paired with others who have done it before, but eventually I'll have to be the front man. Performance anxiety.

Another thing I'm not rushing to is a particular client who is perpetually miserable, angry, and intermittently violent. That's all I'll say about that client for now. Confidentiality and all that.

But I have a new office where I can hole up and listen to the radio and not have to worry about sharing it with anyone. I plan to go there everyday at 9:00 and do whatever else (and leave to all my other sites) from that point. That'll help me be more conscientious about my timekeeping, which was really slipping. Before the vacation, it was nearly impossible for me to keep an 8-hour day. I'd go in late, I'd leave early, I'd have a 2-hour lunch. I got my work done, make no mistake -- but not every single thing. My boss is lax that way. As long as I was on the other end of my phone, and attended all my appointments, visited my sites, interacted with my clients, and handed in the important paperwork, I was good. In fact, his thanks was chronic and earnest.

I developed the feeling (and I think I'm probably right) that a lot of people on salary do not work complete 8-hour days, without a single hiccup of conscience. Well, I'm on-call 24/7 so I guess it's supposed to be okay to do long lunches and early leaves, but I'm not called all that much so I think I ought to be around most of the day since that's what they're paying me for. Me, the Boy Scout. Blame my religion. :)

Well, here goes my new routine--6:30 wakies, off to the gym, to the office by 9:00, work, off at 5:00, come home, write for Feedback, write for myself (NaNoWriMo), play CoH, relax, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

And I'm Matthew Atherton's friend, so that's all right then.


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