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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just A Fine Ol' Time

Nice hotel. Nice weather. I STROLLED. More than that, I jogged half a circuit in Central Park on Tuesday. So. NICE.

I met a new friend through my D&D obsession who lives on Riverside Drive, overlooking more trees than I realized existed on the drive and the Hudson and the Palisades. He bought the apartment from his family's estate. It is my dream location and dream apartment. I was so happy about getting to be in that apartment like I belonged, I couldn't even be jealous.

It did make me reflect again about the inherent injustice of the world though. Through what miracle or accident was it determined that I would be born to a pair of people who could not nutrue me into a successful young adulthood, whereas this new friend was born to a pair who enabled him to be a lawyer, and had enough wealth in their lineage to own a tony apartment on Riverside Drive (as apparently thousands also do), and then enabled him to not inherit the apartment illegally (whereupon I would not be as enamored, but would be reporting this much more venomously), but have enough money in his twenties to BUY the thing.

Work it my new friend. WORK.

I am waiting for one. more. e-mail. and then I will be able to tell you about my new project. It's exciting and it's even possible to go into my dream profession through it. That would be WRITING.

Well duh? This IS a journal of many, many, many words? Why not get paid for it? My Other Hero has set out a template for writing success which I would definitely need if I were a full-time writer. Because I've gotten addicted to the gym, and I definitely need to reinforce a writing schedule. I want to try NaNoWriMo again too.

What am I leaving out?

Oh! The plane crash yesterday in NYC! Very sad. Glad it wasn't a terrorist. Sad it was a NY Yankee. Whether I'm a Yankee fan or not isn't germane to the topic. I was nowhere near the area the day before so I've no 'oh my God' moment to share.

Still on vacation and glad about it. Ran out of money yesterday but I put the gym food on my account and it's reportedly healthy, and then I get paid tomorrow. And I know how much my next gym charge will be on the 15th, and I know what my balance is now. It's under control. It's all good.

And I'm still a friend of Matthew Atherton's, so that's all right then.


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