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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Woke up several times last night. I've thwarted the upstairs cat's machinations to escape the house, so to one has taken to destroying stuff. Makes me want to punt the little crapper out where she wants to go, but she's just so cute. And at the same time, she such a fierce, devilsome little killing machine. Did I ever mention the morning she drug a full-grown rabbit into the house and killed it in the living room? I heard the rabbit screaming. Father and son had to clean up the fur and meat. I wouldn't go anywhere near it.

Also, something bacterial and painful had a field day in my throat overnight. Each time it woke me up, it felt worse, then towards my final awakening, started feeling better. I fixed some hot Green Ginger Tazo tea to soothe my inside.

The office plan is workingalright. When I was finished with a psych appointment with a client, I went back to the office, which is something I've never done before. Even if I had no specific work to do, going back to company property felt better than going home. There's nothing quite like having a clear conscience.

I did see a kink in my Return-To-NYC plans, however. The traffic back to the George Washington Bridge at go-home time is monstrous on Rt 4, and my office is a walk away from Rt. 4. I had been thinking that when I move back to the city, commuting to my new office was going to be easy, breezy cover-girl fresh. I learned yesterday, not so much. I was going to park my car at the job and take public trans in and out of NYC. Now, not so much.

A solution to this is get an apartment in Hackensack (and just weather the storm of power-mad evil geniuses along with Miss Tessmacher's mother). It's close enough to NYC to do what I do now, only I'll be on my own and have only one cat to worry about. I won't have to pay two states' taxes either.

Look at me already planning and plotting.

You better believe and trust.

Trouble don't last always.

*A.I.A.F.O.M.A's, S.T.A.R.T.

*you know what it means.


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