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Monday, August 21, 2006

Okay. Reality Check, Courtesy of The Grim Jester

He challenged me, which I told you all he tends to do.

I'm rather happy with my response. So first, let me show you something I. ADORE!!

This is Chris Watters a few months before he became "Major Victory" on "Who Wants..." Why this man is not on the newest and best upcoming sitcom is way beyond me. I think he's a comedic genius.
Then I sent this and the link to Majory Victory's self-posted five other videos on YouTube. And I told my friends that while I loved Chris Watters, I didn't think he should be the winner because it seems that "Major Victory" is just a stepping stone for Chris Watters to be a successful actor. Of which I have no problem. I hope his performances so far launches him into fame and success. I would greatly enjoy him in a good comedic vehicle.

Well then me and my friends went round and round about who's better, Major Vic or Feeds. Then The Grim Jester said ... well ... see for yourself;

I started with;

Alright, see, now you done called me out my name...

--- C***** D****** <*****@******.net> wrote:

> It's time to ground you before you float off to
> HappyFunSpaceLand, Alan.
> (It's too late, isn't it? You've already bought the
> tickets, right?)

When this so-called 'Real World' gets any better, I
might, just MIGHT consider coming back.

> Although you might find a genuine hero once in a
> while in our mundane lives,
> you will never see a superhero because they are
> fictional.

If you're really concerned about my mental health then
have no fear. (But wasn't it you who told me it was
alright, as long as it doesn't take away my shelter,
money out of my pocket, or take food out of my mouth?)

But I guess have more optimistic eyes and I can find a
hero more often than 'once in a while'. What
constitutes a hero to me is obviously different than
what you might call a hero. And I have a list of such
individuals. Some of which you guys know personally.

The term 'superhero', by necessity, is attached to the
comicbook genre. If this show was just, "Who Wants To
Be A HERO..?" it wouldn't have the same appeal to me
because 1) I wouldn't be interested in anyone
conceited enough to have tried out for the show and 2)
This show wouldn't have had anyone wearing the shiny
pants! The costumes drew me to the show--I ...LOVE...
superhero costumes! (See; Of Heroes, City) But then
suddenly here was all this 'test of character' hooey,
and that got me hooked. Because along with the
costumes we were going to get to see some people who
wanted to excel in character.

So first, Feedback got the best costume after the
makeover (which after seeing all over the place, drew
me in). So I was like, "Yay! That's fun to look at!"
And then I go behind the scenes to the websites (FOR
THE SHOW) and discovered more about "Matt Atherton,
the person".

And I LIKE the guy. He's a good egg. And he is
striving to be a better type of human being than the
average muck that washes up against our shoes on the
daily. Is that so friggin' bad? Does the world
really need yet another pushy, arrogant,
self-centered, selfish @$$hole? Putting himself out
there, being vulnerable, showing emotion, being true
to his dreams, trying to be an inspiration to other
people, trying to lift humanity by example instead of
stepping on someone to get ahead--can you honestly say
that's not something worth admiring?

And then, throw in the cool uniform, Stan Lee, and a
code name, and you have the only equivalent to
"SUPERHERO" that this mundane world is ever going to

I repeat, it's STAN. LEE. His seal clinches the

> The best you can hope for are the people who can
> create an interesting or
> charismatic superhero. Just because the guy who
> plays Feedback is 3% more
> likely to slit his wrists if he doesn't win, it
> doesn't make him a better
> choice.

No. The other info makes him a better choice.
There's more on display there than what you interpret
as weakness and desperation. Get in touch, dude.
There's a whole emotional world out there that is as
valid and as substantial as any ability to kick, box,
or flip an opponent to the ground.

> "Wanting it badly," is not a guaranteed win for
> anything. That's why all of
> the 5'9" 20 year old ball players in the Bronx
> aren't in the NBA.

They may not be in the NBA, but they aren't any less
heroic for trying. ESPECIALLY the ones who try so
hard that they avoid drugs, avoid gang violence, go to
college, and JUST. TRY. And if they wore a cool
costume while trying to do so, and Stan Lee sponsored
them, then they'd be a "superhero". :p

> Take A***, for instance. He wanted to make games
> badly. So, do a lot of
> people. The difference between Andy and most pimple
> faced teens is that he
> actually has the skillz to back it up.

That doesn't mean that someone with lesser skills is
not heroic for TRYING. Nor does it mean that A*** is
not heroic for SUCCEEDING. If you think I'm going to
buy in to the "Whoever Dies With The Most Toys Wins"
theory, or the "The One With The Most Skills Is A
Better Person" theory then you deny who I am. To me
heroism comes from an individual's ability to rise
above their own demons, not someone else's, and in the
course of doing so, make an impression in the world
for the better.

So. I guess this is about how I see it. If no one
else can agree there, well okay. Let's just move on
to another topic. If you want to argue about it just
for the sake of arguing, please don't. There are few
things left in the world about which I'm passionate,
and human character remains one of them. That's why I
went for the ministry and why I'm working in mental


But for now, superheroes have come along to the
fullest extent that they can exist in the real world
and I'm having a ball with it. These last three are
all superheroic, but two of them are more genuine, and
one of them is more qualified. You have your opinion
on who that one person is, and I have mine.

*hugs and kisses*



And there is why I've poured out so much energy in these last two weeks than ConEdison did for Queens.

To this opinion I solemnly swear.


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