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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey! You Almost Missed It!

All day I was bent out of shape and for the last five hours have been posting, reposting, and surfing about my latest favorite show. You see, Monkey Woman was eliminated because she revealed that she was an actress. My frien the Grim Jester sent me a tongue-in-cheek e-mail denouncing her as a fake, and included her website adverting her actressness. Well I got curious and found out that Major Victory, Creature, Lemuria, and... and ... Feedback (!!!) all have acting careers as well, and imdb profiles.

Well I went to the dark side. I gave those links to my friends and denounced the show horribly. Deceived!!!! I was so hurt.

But then, I did some more digging to find that Fat Momma and Ty'Veculus are real people. And that actors or no, they all honestly submitted characters they invented.

Long story short, I'm still a little stung that 5 of the 11 that they picked were actors. Stan didn't seem to know that because after they kicked Monkey Woman, the others stayed. And those others didn't reveal themselves either. Pfft! Some "heroes".

But now my last surf of the night shows that my favorite, Feedback, is more geek than actor. That is a bit of a comfort, because picking actors as your 'reality star' heroes is just like picking the football jocks and cheerleaders when the true superheroic hearts beat within the shrimpy acne'd kid and the girl with the coke-bottle glasses and braces.


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