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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Additional Heroes And More About ME! (Yay!)

My Sightless Hero
I met him after I left the midwest and did enough work hours to pursue the license in counseling. I needed a few more credits to qualify for New Jersey. My Sightless Hero was in a class at Rutgers getting his Masters in Social Work. At first I was nervous to say too much to him. After class he'd be waiting for his ride or a county transit and I'd just tell him good-bye as I rushed out of the room. We spoke a little more, then he asked me if I needed a job. He hired me as his assistant, which was a position independently sponsored by a contractor (who himself was a partial qualdraplegic). The money lured me into a relationship with him. My admiration of him kept him as a friend after I quit and moved to New York. He got that Masters and is now running a small cleaning business because he didn't really have the flavor to do Social Work. We get together every few weeks for dinner and diversion. He's been in America, apart from his parents, for about 15 years now. He went through Rutgers completely independently. He lives alone still. And did I mention that he's completely blind? But he's got more vision than anyone I've ever met. HERO.

The Cop
This is a friend of Grim Jester's, and now he's my friend too. When I first met him he was recovering from cancer treatment. Now he's one of the three Undersheriffs of New York City. He is fiercely loyal and open with his emotions, and he's teaching me a lot about how effortless friendship can be. Before him, I hated the idea of just idly talking on the phone for no reason. Last month my phone bill was over 100 bucks. And I didn't mind. And he's a cop. Pretty awesome.

Me Some More
I'm liking what I see in the mirror these days. I'm getting up enough nerve to take a picture or two and post it. It's got to be how good I'm feeling these days. I actually think I'm better looking now than I've ever been. Stay tuned...


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