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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back To The Land Of Fantasy

So I've done a final edit on the Novel So Far and know exactly where to go and how to end it. It is most definitely the first book in a trilogy. The story, just in the dialogue I wrote today, has proven that it needs to expand to three times the current size. But I'm not waiting that long until I submit it.

Here's something that happens with me, something my therapist once described as being "obsessively analytical". I have to understand why a thing works before I know that if I try the same thing, I'll do it correctly. This I can't control each time, like driving the car for instance. Or therapy (which is why it gave me such butterflies when I did it). But I still want to know how it's done. I figure if I understand a thing, I can duplicate the thing's success.

This is why it was so important to see Alex's published story for myself. I had to see if it worked, why it worked. I have to know that if I write, I'm doing it according to the way it works so that mine will work too. Many times, there's no way to know the whys--especially where writing is concerned. You can chalk it up to talent, appeal, timing, whatever. But I had to have something to hold onto --something.

Now that I've read through what I've written, I have to believe that I did it correctly. Correctly enough, anyway, so that an editor will read it past ten pages, and then will be able to stomach it through the first chapter. If it is rejected, it will be done so because 'the market's not right at this time', or 'it doesn't fill our publication goals at this time' or whatever. But it will not be because 'You are a horrible writer. Please do not send any further submissions, as that we will be forced to send a squad to your residence and take you out of the Earth's gene pool if you do.'

I'm currently up to 57K words and I will need possibly 10K more to finish this part of my protagonist's story. I'm also back to writing everyday, even if I don't feel like it. This will cause me to finish this thing and get closer to the dream, rather than delay any further, or fulfill it not at all.

I have tried to record myself reading it and I am a horrible reader. I can't find a neutral tone. I badly act every line and insinuate my interpretation of the words. If I suddenly find the right way, I will record the whole thing and then explore my options at Podiobooks. Since Evo dropped some knowledge on me, I know its possible to publish over there and still be considered for print, with a paycheck. So that may be the first light of day it sees while editors bandy its manuscript around for the better part of 2007. And since there will be all sorts of life happening meanwhile, I'll be able to wait because I'm a friend of Eliel Mamousette's, Alex Wilson's, Steve Hykes', and Matt Atherton's.

So that's all right then!


Blogger Eliel Mamousette said...

[Romulan lurking device dis-engages]

Funny you should mention reading your writing to yourself. I have recenlty taken to having my iBook read my blog posts to me so I can hear how they sound before I post them.

It's a great way to catch stuff that just isn't right (write?).

The dispassionate synthesized voices do a good job of letting me focus on the word flow and not the way they are said.

Since you're a PC dude at this point, I am not sure if there's free software to do that for you the way OS X does, but if you want, I can look it up fer ya'.

[Romulan lurking device re-engaged]

10:23 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Funny YOU should mention the synthesized voice!! I hit a combination of keys by accident at the start of the week, and engaged a Windows program that reads the screen. A little window popped up and everything. And I was already familiar with how it would work because my Blind Hero uses a program like it called "JAWS" to surf the Internet.

I was so amazed that the thing existed on this computer all this time and that I found it by accident.

And of course, after shutting it off, I can't remember how I turned it on.

But Podiobooks is going to need a live reader.

I'm considering hiring Alex to do it, but ... I'm afraid he'll think it sucks! Of course, if he took the money, it'd just be a job for him, but deep down inside he'd loathe the work and hate me for making him do it and then I'd never get an honest opinion from him on it, and everything would change between us, and ... and ...

You know, sometimes my mind really hates me.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Apart from me reading/checking your blog for updates frequently, what did I do to merit a mention here?

I admit, your blog is part of my Tech-Support webpage cycle, so everytime I check the K! board for updates your blog is the next site I'll check. But I also like reading your thoughts on non-Tech-Support topics as well.

But back on track, I'm glad to hear your book is nearly completed. If I get wind it's available at the local bookstore, I'll be in line to purchase a copy. Or maybe asking the author to sign my copy will be the big excuse I need to actually visit New York City.


6:59 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

I meandered over to your LiveJournal, Steve, and got some of your perspective on Life, The Universe, And ...

In doing so, I felt a lil' more connected with you upon leaving.

So I named you as friend. I have high standards, but you don't have to call lightning, know me for 35 years, or get published in my favorite anthology mag to be my friend -- if that's okay with you of course ...

7:07 PM  

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