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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Did It Take So Long To Find This Site?


It isn't as if I'd never heard of them from Dragon Page. It isn't as if I hadn't listened to all of Brave Men Run and exchanged e-mails with the author. And it isn't as if it's not 100% free.

As for my own book, I still haven't quite finished it yet. When I do end it, it will be the end of a Part, unless when I stop now, I consider it still undone and start the next Part now, and wait until that is done, then market it as One Big Book.

I don't know how Robert Jordan did/does it.

But now finding the site above mentioned, I am sorely tempted to publish it there. Read it myself. I'm only a single microphone away from podcasting, so why not?

Well I don't think any of the audiobooks have made it to the paper publishing yet? Some measure of snobbery within me wants to keep my options open for print. Publishing it too soon, in all truth because I want the instant gratification of reviews, seems like a bad decision to make.

For now, the jury (and my wallet) is still out.


Blogger Evo said...

Thanks for the mention and I'm happy you are considering distributing your work in our interesting medium. Your comments about releasing the work too soon are spot on, but I do need to set the record straight about traditional publishing options in a post-podiobook world.

Actually, quite a few of the books on we're already in print before the author made the podiobook version. Notable examples would be Singularity by Bill DeSmedt and The Immortals by Tracy Hickman.

Beyond that, at least two of Scott Sigler's podcast novels made it to print after he had already released a podiobook version.

And so far, four of our authors (can't name them, sorry) have been contacted by folks in movies/TV to have their work adapted in video form.

Beating obscurity tends to be a good thing for many. :)

5:56 PM  
Blogger Alan said...


Wow! It is an honor to have you stop by.

And yes, thank you very much for fully informing me about podded books. I was wondering and am now glad that I put a question mark in my post since I didn't know.

Evo, keep up the great work over at Dragon Page and Slice of Sci Fi, man! Tell Sam I said thanks for that media blurb for Feedback's audio, and tell Mike I said hi! And Summer! And Joe!

Okay, down fanboy, down...

6:51 PM  

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