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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 15

My Other Hero has sconced the torch and I feel bound by my affection for him to hold it aloft once again and re-enter the race. He met his goal already, even if not at 50K words. I have not.

The novel that I'm working on is set in my fantasy gameworld, which I conceived about five or six years ago. The premise is still alluring to me -- what does it look like to build a nation from scratch? My problem was, I had asked myself that question and then I jumped ahead hundreds of years to start telling my tales in that world. Last year I decided to start at the near-beginning, since that was where it was most exciting for me. Now,I'm not an actual scientist or archeologist so I had no intentions to evolve life on a landmass (as IF) and retell A Space Odyssey, so I had to bring a civilized population to a virgin landmass and thus begin. And so I did.

That premise set up a completely independent set of questions that I had to answer, and thus the ability to complete at least one novel. Then of course, there are stories I want to tell in that world, and stories in this world that I also want to tell. I floundered for the past couple of years until some time in mid-October. Real life inspiring art and setting my creativity afire.

And the devil of it is, I have a novel already on my harddrive that I could enter into NaNoWriMo today and meet my 50K word goal, but that's not what I want. I want to finish the one I'm working on now.

So here I go. AND I'm a friend of Matt Atherton's. So how alright is that then?


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