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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence Day

Breakfast; Strawberry Protein Shake w/Banana (The Pineapple Coconut is so good, I'm afraid something's wrong with it.) 16 oz. water

Lunch; The other half of 7/3/06's steak, some of the noodles (threw the rest away. The "juice" that came from the steak turned into yellow waxy chunks in the fridge, so that was "bad fat" and made my lips feel like those candy wax lips of olde).

Afternoon Snack: A Korean treat which is red bean paste (sweetened) inside of rice flour dough, powdered with sugar, and a teaspoon of Japanese pudding. This because of meeting up with my sightless friend in Little Korea, NJ and taking him to his favorite haunts.

Dinner; Spicy Pork with mixed vegetables, Korean Style, 1/2 of the portion. (Just typing that made the pores across my scalp open up. SPICY?? Sweat poured like I had fever.) Assorted Korean veggies appetizers--bean sprouts, Kimchi, a chunk of tofu, etc.

Late Night--Peppermint tea sweetened with Equal.


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