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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Perfect Nook

I have found it! This Starbucks at Lincoln Center is my new den for writing. When I am in absolute need to produce genius, I will run screaming to this place. Take a look;

This is the chair I started with. It faces Lincoln Center.

It comes with two other chairs and a pretty wall, facing you. I took the opportunity between customer rotations to snap this pic. Otherwise, they were never empty, especially today.

Outside the window is the intersection of Broadway and Amsterdam, looking north. At the base of the tall building in the center is the three-story Barnes & Nobles at 66th St.

To the right of the view is Lincoln Center... the left is opulence. That building in the midground was built about 3-5years ago.

And oh the sights you'll see while sitting there. First, there will be a constant flow of coffee-drinkers. Some might even speak to you without you having to come out of your shell! I had a very nice conversation with a woman who was hosting her octogenarian friend named Martha.
Here pictured is a police processesional that lounged past the store...

...and ended up in front of Lincoln Center itself. Wonder who was up in that limo?

This here was a boy. I didn't catch that until his third or fourth pass. You'll have to click the pic to see it closer.

And here is evidence of the fact that the internet connection was mind-blowingly FREE! Icing on the cake!! It was Lincoln Center's actual router signal providing the access and not Starbucks'. I know they hatin' on the arts right now, but too bad! The coffee already costs too much, alright?!


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