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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Things I Found Interesting This Weekend

The memory of a building.
The demolished building was apparently constructed right up against it's neighbor and all that's left is a layer of brick, plastered against it's neighbor's flank like old wallpaper. On it we see imprint of a set of staircases. I wonder how many thousands of people journeyed up and down those stairs? Where were they going?

Looking south down Sixth Avenue. I think. I never tire of architexture and the effect perspective has on it.

People sat to get their portraits sketched. One of the artists pointed dead at me and commanded me to sit for mine. I had my hat scrunched down to my eyebrows and my scarf wrapped around my mouth up to the nose. What made him think I'd de-cocoon and sit for an hour in the blazing cold?

Mystery Shelter. Made by the Elves of Rivendell I think. You can't see this structure in Central Park unless you climb the path up the swell of stone that it sits on. Magical places all around us.

The Central Park South. This shot was used in Will Smith's new flick "I Am Legend," minus all the people and the horses, and add a few million vampire/zombies, and leaves, and cornfields.

Doggie Love.
How much closer would we be as a race if we just went right up into strangers faces and touched their noses with our noses in order to say hello? Well, we'd either be a closer race, or extinct by now. Dumb dogs, LOL!


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