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Friday, May 11, 2007

"X-Men 2" Act One

Scene One; ROGUE’S Bedroom, shared with KITTY and JUBILEE.
(ROGUE rustles the sheets in her sleep. She’s having the same nightmarish dreams WOLVERINE had in the first movie, only, he is submerged in the upright water-tank which PROTEUS has escaped from in the Opening Act. WOLVERINE sees her standing outside the cage. His face displays terror, he speaks underwater to her but in this dream scenario his voice is heard.)

Please . . . please Carol. . . don’t let them do this to me . . .

(ROGUE wakes up with a peal of terror. She wakes JUBILEE and KITTY.)

(Fireworks crackle from her body.)

(KITTY pops through the wall.)


Professor Xavier . . . ah gotta see him.
(ROGUE runs out of the room.)

Scene Two; STORM’S Bedroom
(From behind STORM, we see her open her door onto the hallway. We do not see STORM’S face.)
(From inside her own bedroom KITTY pokes her head out through the wall, a ways down from STORM.)

Rogue, wait!

What is this commotion? You girls aren’t having pillow fights are you? We cannot have Jubilee blowing holes in the furniture again . . .


(Comes out of her room by opening her door.)
Umm? I’m so sure Ms. Munroe! Like I got nothing better to do than wreck furni-eep!
(JUBILEE sees STORM’s face. We still don’t.)
Nothing like that Ms. Munroe-(gasps when she takes note of STORM’S face).

Scene Three-PROFESSOR XAVIER’S study.
(PROFESSOR XAVIER is here alone, ROGUE enters; breathless, panicked.)

Professor Xavier, it’s Logan, he’s in trouble, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s really bad--

And good morning to you as well.

(Exhales) Good morning Professor. Wolverine needs us, right now!


How do you know this, Rogue?

I . . .well . . . I dreamed it, but . . . it was real Professor ah swear!

I know better than to disbelieve matters of the mind, don’t worry. It may be you forged a psychic link when you borrowed Logan's powers a few months ago, and it is still remaining. Possibly you are receiving images which he is currently experiencing. If you’ll allow me, I'd like to eavesdrop on that . . .
(XAVIER concentrates, is about to place his hands aside ROGUE'S face. She jerks back.)

How foolish of me. I'm sorry Rogue, I wasn't thinking. I don't need to touch you to read your mind.

Scene Four; ROGUE’S Mind

(XAVIER enters the Nightmarish Laboratory. He is walking.)

I hungerrrrr . . . .

(XAVIER slowly turns, terror gripping him. What he sees makes him yell with fear.)

Scene Five; Xavier’s Study
(XAVIER recoils in his wheelchair as if falling backwards from a standing position. Most of the wheelchair, however, dissolves into a cluster of floating blobs and XAVIER lands on the floor. Note that the metal frame of XAVIER’S wheelchair remains untouched.)
(ROGUE is confused as things around her begin to discorporate, turning into clouds of butterflies or melting into goo.)
(SCOTT and JEAN arrive.)
(Rushes to XAVIER on the floor.) Professor!

Rogue forgive me . . .
(XAVIER reaches out and renders ROGUE unconscious with his power.)

Jean, catch her.

(ROGUE falls.)

Ahead of you on that, love.
(JEAN gestures and stops ROGUE’S body from hitting the floor with her telekinesis.)

Scott, take Jean and Storm and suit up. Logan is in trouble.
(JEAN reacts with interest, SCOTT notices.)

(Small grunt.) But what’s happening in here?

I don’t know Scott, but it seems the answers begin with Logan.

(STORM enters with KITTY, JUBILEE, and other young mutants trailing-name them BOBBY, DANI, PETER (a young but huge and muscular dark-haired boy) holding the hand of small, blond, 8-yr old ILLYANA. We only see STORM from behind. SCOTT and XAVIER look up as she enters.)

Ororo, good timing. Logan’s ass needs saving again-
(SCOOT gasps as he notices STORM’S face.)

Why is everyone doing that to me this morning?

Ororo, are you in any pain?

(Now we see STORM’S face. Her pupils are narrow and robin’s-egg blue.)

Why no, of course not.

Jean take Rogue back to her room, then join Scott in the jet, please. Jubilee, Kitty, watch after Rogue if you would. Ororo first I think a mirror, and then and a few moments of your time will explain some things.


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